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Mobile Car Grooming

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$149 00

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Your car was designed to perfection

BioShine keeps it that way

Mobile Car Grooming

$149 00

$199 for large vehicles

With our basic grooming service, your car will enjoy a relaxing clay wash and car masque. In addition, basic vacuum service for the interior will be provided.

You may also be interested in these add-on services

  • Interior Detailing

    $80 00

    A good looking car should also feel clean and comfortable inside. BioShine’s interior detailing service is like spring cleaning for your car.

  • Liquid Glass Sealant

    $31 00

    When we apply our liquid glass sealant, you can expect your shine to last longer. Unlike wax-based products, our sealant will last in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

  • Leather Protection

    $100 00

    All leather seats last a long time, but not all of them age gracefully. We’ll help you keep them looking classy with proper leather care techniques. Includes interior detailing.

Why BioShine?

With hundreds of choices, it's actually quite easy

  • Convenience

    You’ve got a busy schedule, so why add more work. Just name the time and place and we’ll try our best to meet it, as you go about your day.

  • Safe for your car

    We don’t use powerful machines that may damage your car. We rely on soft clay for removing dirt, and a car masque using safe cleaning agents.

  • Fair pricing

    We have a clear pricing system; you just pay for what you need, saving you money. We don’t oversell packages that lock you in.

  • Weather proof

    Wax products don’t fare well in Singapore’s hot and humid weather. Instead, we use organic alternatives that don’t melt in the sun.

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